Sunday, September 22, 2013

Interview with M.R. Murphy!

1.      If you don't mind telling us, where did you get the idea for “The Last Kiss”?       
Well, I’ve always loved the idea of past loves coming back to make a second try of things. Partially it’s from personal experience and the rest just my overzealous imagination.

2.      What made you want to become a writer?                                                                           

 It was the only way for me to make sense of everything in my head. I always seem to have a million and one thoughts passing through my brain at all times. This way I can focus and use my creative side for effectually.

3.      What do you use as your inspiration?                                                                            

Music. Music is the key for me. Oh and crazy weird dreams!

4.      Where do you feel that you do your best writing?                                                                                

Sometimes at the local Starbucks, other times, out on my back patio. I prefer being outside to write mostly.

5.      If you ever get stuck in a part of a story, how do you get out of your writer’s block?                                

 I find stepping away from that project and either hitting the gym, hiking or writing something completely different such as poetry helps me refocus or spark new ideas. Keeping my mind and body active is crucial for my creative process.

6.      Which is your favorite character from any of your books/series? Why?                                              

Oh it’s the 64 million dollar question! Oh boy. That’s a hard one to answer. So how about I go with my favorite character at the moment? In truth, I adore just about all my characters, however Nisroc (aka Roc) from the soon to be released The Chronicles of the Dark Angels: Darkest Before Dawn, is currently the one keeping in stitches. He’s such a wise ass! I love it!

7.      If you could be any character from your books, who would you be and why?

Again, another tough one! You’re killing me smalls! If I could slap a few of them together, I’d be a happy camper! Okay, maybe I’ve love to be Kakabel from The Chronicles of the Dark Angels series.  She’s a tough warrior, but underneath she’s compassionate. Tall, (what can I say, shorty over here!) witty, complex but understanding. She’s everything I want to be when I grow up, plus, I mean come on, she has wings and can fly and dematerialize, who wouldn’t want to be able to do that!

8.      If you could go anywhere (within our reality and universe) where would you go?                                      

I’d love to be able to travel around the universe, and check out different star formations such as nebulas. Other than that, I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland and mingle with family over there.

9.      What are 3 essentials you must have when writing? 

Music, Coffee or Tea and if I’m writing at home, no human distractions. If I’m at Starbucks, the corner comfy seat away from everyone.

10.  Is writing your sole job? If not, what's your other job? If yes, what did you do before you became an author?                                                                                                               

No, I’m also a photographer and operate a stock photography company. Also, I’m a massage therapist for humans and horses. I like to balance working with my creative side with my healing side.

11.  Who is your favorite Indie author?

Jenna Pizzi. Her works hit home and damn, she makes me cry with her stories, in a GOOD way!

12.   Out of all of your characters, which do you relate to the most?     
 It’s a toss-up between Ferrian and Asher both from The Chronicles of the Dark Angels series (TCOTDA for short).

13.  Do you have any WIP that you can/want to tell us about?

Currently I’m working on the third book in The Sisterhood of the Oracle Legacy: Always Mine and outlining the second book in TCOTDA series: Rising Sun

14.  I know I have not had the chance yet to read your book, but can you spoil me/us with some excerpts? 
Let me in, Sweetheart.” he whispered into her mouth. She didn't resist him as he sliced his way in, instead she melted into him. Her fingers climbed up his chest, tangling together behind his neck. Words didn't matter, not when he had her here, like this. Her body pressed against his as small mews flowed from her lips.

 “I love you,” she breathed against his lips.

“I know, sweetheart.” Aidan sank into the depths of her mouth, and she was immediately grateful that he wasn't about to waste another minute thinking about the past. He slipped his hands around to the small of her back, sending an instant flash of goosebumps abrading across her skin. A small gasp burst from her mouth as his hands cupped her ass fiercely, lifting her higher against him. There was no denying it. There was a fever in their veins, intoxicating her with the liquid fire of her addiction. Even as a single crystal tear trickled down her cheek, she didn't bother to wipe it away; instead she allowed the salty droplet to linger on her lips. His kiss grew more urgent as he carried her to the door.
“Damn, slider's shut.” he growled, fumbling for the door handle. Staring down at her, Aidan’s impish grin turned downright devilish as he backed her up against the door. His stony chest pressed against her until all that was left between them were a few scraps of clothing.
        The fire in his eyes glowed more brightly than before as she stared into them with the insatiable hunger that assailed her every second that they weren't tangled together in a delicious mess. Her mouth crashed over his. There was no tenderness, only raw heat as she sliced her tongue through his impish grinning lips. Raking her fingers over his shoulders, she hung on with every pulsating muscle in her body, ripping hastily at the buttons down the front of his shirt.© 2013 The Last Kiss by M. R. Murphy

15.  Is there any advice you’d give your younger writing self or to other starting writers out there? 
            Remember to breathe when you find yourself getting frustrated, Perseverance is crucial. This isn’t a competition against other authors, only yourself.  And don’t be afraid to scrap what you’ve written when it just doesn’t work (But I usually save things, you never know when you might be able to use it elsewhere ;)) , edit and edit some more, and be careful who you show your work to.  Learn to take constructive criticism without getting offended and use it to your advantage.

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