Sunday, August 25, 2013


I'm opening up this blog with a bang!  What's that bang?  A giveaway!!! 

What's up for grabs?  Good question!

(The prizes will not be in this order on the rafflecopter)
1-3)  The lovely M.R. Murphy has generously donated a copy of her book "The Last Kiss".  Guess what else.  It's signed!  That's right, signed!  Isn't she awesome?  :)  Check out the book here: 
On top of donating a signed book, she also donated some swag!  :)  Such a giving woman!

4-5)  Ashley's Freelance Editing has also donated swag and a random book from her personal bookshelf (it's a surprise). 

6-7)  Ella James has wonderfully donated TWO e-book copies (Smashwords, amazon, or of Selling Scarlett!   So awesome!

8)  Scarlett Dawn graciously donated an e-book copy (amazon) of King Hall!!!

9)  The wonderful Katie Cowan was blackmailed into donating an ARC copy of her book, "Garden of Eden".  :)

10-12)  The talented Tina Pollick has decided, after receiving annoying messages from me, to donate an e-copy (pdfs) of Gabriel, Shadow of Hope, and Soul Broker!!!  That's 3 e-books!

13)  Melissa Gwin Stephens has offered an e-copy (amazon or b&n) of Bare Assets!!  :)

14)  An ARC of The Long Game by J.L. Fynn was snuck away for this giveaway.  ;)

15)  E-copy of Heirs of War by Mara Valderran jumped happily into the giveaway yelling, "Read me!".   :D

16)  $15 Amazon Gift Card!!!  This is from the lovely S.M. Harshell.

Aren't these wonderful prizes?!?!  They are sooo awesome!  I wish I got them instead. :p   Ok, to participate, you must follow the rules on the rafflecopter.   The first thing that the rafflecopter will ask/have you do is, of course, follow this blog and leave a comment!  :)

Click here for the RAFFLECOPTER!