Book Junkie Liza -- I am a 26-year-old mother of two, a Psychology major at UNF, an author, an editor, a wife, and so much more.  I'm completely truthful and do not sugarcoat my reviews.  I don't believe that sugarcoating it helps writers get better.  I love to read. I'm always hoping and thinking that books will be great as soon as I 'pick' them up.  I never start a book with a negative view.  :)  
Fun facts about me:  I love sign language, the Big Bang Theory, and watching many ABC Family shows, lol.

What books I take: 
I accept YA and NA paranormal, fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Suspense, Thrillers, Darker YA and NA, etc.  I do read adult series books (fantasy/paranormal), BUT I do not read erotica.  An example of adult series books would be Dannika Dark's Mageri Series.  Unlike Lizzie, I like zombies. ;)

Creative Lizzie -- I am a 20 year old animation student, with way too much time to read on the bus. I am also an author,  hobby baker, and black belt. I am completely truthful with reviews, but in the nicest way. I think truth is necessary, but feelings are always taken into account. 

What books I take: I will accept YA or N/A that falls into any of the following genres: paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia. I have a sweet spot for a good epic fantasy, in the style of Tolkien, or the Pellinor series by Croggon. I will sometimes read contemporary. I don't read anthologies, ever, and won't read anything religious. I do not read erotica. And no zombies! They freak me out.

Princess Shy --   I am 7 years old.  I love to read and find books fascinating.  

What books I take:  I review ONLY children's books.  I can and will read books up to grade 3 (age 8-9).

Part-time reviewer Liz -- Hi! I'm 30yrs old and I love to read! I also have an addiction to book parties on Facebook! Lol. But, who doesn't! I love to bake and find new authors that I've never heard of! I'm also an aspiring writer. I'm a stay at home housewife!! I love all books, but my favorite is urban fantasy and paranormal romance!! 

What books I take:  I will read mostly anything! However, I'm not big on sci-fi. I like romance as long as there is some action -- I'm not to big on all the gushy stuff. I will read dystopia, YA/NA, paranormal, contemporary, etc.  So, no Sci-fi, gushy romance, or erotica.
 What forms of books do we take?  Well, of course we all love print.  They are lovely to hold, feel, smell, rub... 
-clears throat-  Anyways... We also take PDFs and books gifted from Amazon.

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